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In present industrial automation market, new technology brings a lot of opportunities for industrial system developer to successfully cope with the challenges from the constant development. From PLC(programmable logic controller) and IPC(industrial computer) to automatic system as HMI(human machine interface), Industrial peripherals and factory communication, advanced technology is needed to satisfy clients’ strict requirements of high reliability under severe environment.

LED Badge Solution
LED Badge Solution UsingGigaDeviceCortext-M3KernelMCU;UsingUSBI/Ftodowloaddisplayingdata;Supportmulti-modedisplayingeffect;Supportmulti-languages;Adjustablebrightness;SupportUSBfastcharging;Extra-longbatterylife;
GD MCU Main frequency of 32 universal MCU products of GD32F103 Series based on ARM®CortexTM-M3 kernel is 108MHz, which increases by 50% compared with that of similar products in the market.
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