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ag真人手机版 Currently energy saving is an inevitable trend, while Energy-saving practices are facing enormous challenges. With technical advantages and rich practical experience, based on the actual demand, we launch the service for Power Supply & Lighting solutions, bringing great value to our clients.

LED Badge Solution
LED Badge Solution UsingGigaDeviceCortext-M3KernelMCU;UsingUSBI/Ftodowloaddisplayingdata;Supportmulti-modedisplayingeffect;Supportmulti-languages;Adjustablebrightness;SupportUSBfastcharging;Extra-longbatterylife;
SD683X Series Power Supply Solution
SD683X Series Power Supply Solution SD6832 is a current mode PWM+PFM controller with built-in high-voltage MOSFET external sampling resistance used to switching power supply.
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