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ag真人手机版 Along with the development, maturity and rapid upgrading of mobile intelligent terminals( smart phone, tablet computer) , the functions of iPad and other mobile intelligent terminals are more and more powerful, we offer comprehensive and complete solution to help our customer to enter the market rapidly and completely.

Wifi Audio Solution
Wifi Audio Solution UsingMontagehighperformaceWifiSoc;SupportingDLNA,AirPlay,QPlayProtocol;Supportingonlinemusicplaying;Supportingmulti-formataudiofiles:mp3,aac,wav,wma,flac,m4a,ape;SupportinglocalUSB/SDcardaudioplay..
Scheme for Portable Power Source SoC
Scheme for Portable Power Source SoC CT6301/CT6302 is a portable power management chip which integrates linear large current charging and large current Boost controller...
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