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ag真人手机版 ● 2003 Shenzhen QINUO Industrial Co., Ltd was established. Focused on FAIRCHILD and SAMSUANG marketing, 8-people team started a business.

ag真人手机版 ● 2004 Hong Kong QINUO International Co., Ltd was founded; Obtained import and export rights of general taxpayer; explored DVB and LCD market.

ag真人手机版 ● 2005 Signed LUMICOM general agent in China; transformed business to agents, set up marketing department.

● 2006 Signed FORTUNE agents, established DVB, power supply, lithium battery, LCD business groups in marketing department.

ag真人手机版 ● 2007 Signed HDIC and I-CORE agents, products in market segments we focused obtained larger market share, which lays a solid foundation for our market development pattern.

ag真人手机版 ● 2008 Signed BELLING and MONTAGE agents, our team expanded to over 40 staff. The head office was moved to Securities Building from Union Square; set up offices in Shanghai, Huizhou and Fuzhou.

● 2009 Signed MITSUMI, HISILICON, SILAN and GD agents. Built a professional R&D team; started to provide customers with overall product solution; joined Shenzhen Semiconductor Association, Established a governing unit.

ag真人手机版 ● 2010 Signed MXT and ETRON agents; Gradually complete product supporting service.

● 2011 Signed DIOO and SEMICO agents, set up Hong Kong Logistics Distribution Center, established offices in Xi'an, Chengdu, Qingdao and Xiamen, gradually forms sales network nation widely.

● 2012 Signed CS,BYD,SENODIA and MICROGATE agents; Established digital television, power supply, industrial control, lithium battery and cell phone business divisions; Team members are expanded to over 80; Further expanded market; We became a leading distributor providing local brands.

● 2013 Signed TURESEMI, CREATIC, Teralane, and ACTIONS agents; fully enter smart mobile terminal market.

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