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Product manager

Job description:
1.Collect and analyze market information of product line, understand the market demand, make product line marketing plan and sales strategy;
2.Responsible for sales and sales management of product line; achieve sales targets established by the company;

3. Sales support and operational guidance for national sales team, operational guidance and management.

1. Academic background: Bachelor degree or above, electronic related majors are preferred;
2.Work Experience: over 3 years of working experience, over 2 years of related work experience ;
3.Basic skills and qualities: proficiency in office software, relevant industry expertise, strong logical thinking and analytical skill, flexibility, problem-solving skill, strong management skill, communication skill, strong learning and planning ability;
4. Personality: integrity, honesty, carefulness, earnest;

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Sales Engineer

Job Description and Qualifications:

1. Bachelor degree or above, electronic related majors;
2.At least 2 years working experience in semiconductor sales agent (sales experience of semiconductor in fields like set-top box, power supply, LED, lithium protection, LCD, mobile phones, network communications are preferred);
3 .Be in good health, sincere and earnest, strong communication skills and strong capability for dealing with customer business, good team spirit;

4. High enthusiasm for sales, willing to accept challenging work and people can accept work arrangement in other places are welcomed.

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